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Welcome to your gateway to the Greyhills Academy High School Campus Portal! At the Parent Portal you will find access to accurate, current, and confidential information about your children’s school attendance, grades, class assignments, and more. Simply read the Acceptable Use Agreement, click on the button below to accept the terms, and enter your user name and password in the new screen that opens. If you do not have a user name and password, you will need a Campus Portal Activation Key to get one. If you need a Campus Portal Activation Key or have any questions, please contact Netta Klain, HS Registrar, at (928) 283-6271.

Acceptable Use Agreement

NOTICE TO ALL USERS OF THIS SYSTEM: You are accessing a United States of America, Department of Interior, Bureau of Indian Education data information system. By doing so, you agree to the following: Use of this system by any authorized or unauthorized user constitutes consent to monitoring, retrieval, and disclosure by authorized personnel. Users have no reasonable expectation of privacy in the use of this system. Unauthorized use may subject violators to criminal, civil, and/or disciplinary action. Users are prohibited from accessing or attempting to access systems or information for which they are not authorized. Users are prohibited from changing access controls to allow themselves or others to perform actions outside their authorized privileges. Users may not imitate another system, impersonate another user, misuse another user’s legal user credentials (User IDs, passwords, etc.), or intentionally cause a computer or network component to function incorrectly. Users may not read, store, or transfer information for which they are not authorized.

The data in this system contains sensitive, confidential, and private information. Users will exercise reasonable care to protect the data they view. Users agree to not allow unauthorized access to this system.

Click on this link to agree and enter the Parent Portal: I AGREE TO THESE TERMS

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