Student Support

Student Support

Assistant Principal: The main responsibility of this office is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of each student who attends Greyhills Academy High School. This responsibility also extends to providing a safe and secure working environment for administrators, faculty, support staff, parents and anyone who visits or conducts business with this academy.

The forms and/or documents that follow reflect how the Office of the Assistant Principal fulfills its responsibilities for ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of all who deserve this care and respect.

  1. Student and Parent Handbook
  2. Parent and Student Conferences
  3. Enrollment contract for all new students
  4. Attendance, Academic, and Behavior Contracts
  5. Monthly Student Assemblies
  6. Student watch list- behavior and attendance
  7. Student and parent Handbook acceptance and acknowledge receipts
  8. Out of School Suspension Notice/Letter

School Registrar: The responsibility of this office is to ensure that each and every student who desires to attend Greyhills Academy High School is legally enrolled by their parent or guardian. The following is the various documents that are used to fulfill the responsibilities of this office.

  1. Enrollment Application and Registration Check List
  2. NOTICE (to parents re-enrolling their child)
  3. Information regarding obtaining (legal) guardianship for a minor
  4. Current School Calendar
  5. GAHS Block Time Schedule
  6. Facsimile: Attendance Count by Period
  7. Assess to Student Portal, electronic access system for students and parents
  8. Student Grade and Attendance reports
  9. Student Cumulative file

Counseling Department: is committed to preparing students to meet future challenges by encouraging culturally and academically based programs that promote lifelong Dine learners. This is attained through an educational and a career action plan which focuses on academic, career and personal/social competencies and is supported by the counseling standards of the American School Counselors Association. The vision of the GAHS Counseling Department is to develop students who have a solid plan of coursework and career aspiration to have readiness skills for postsecondary requirements and work skills, thus becoming responsible members of society.

Our Motto

We Perceive Every Child As Our Very Own.

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