Academic Program

The Academic Department provides college and career-readiness courses that are aligned to state and Navajo Nation standards. In order to qualify for high school graduation at GAHS, a student must successfully complete the number of credit units in specific academic areas as outlined below:

    • English: 4 credits
    • Mathematics: 4 credits
    • Sciences: 3 credits
    • Social Studies: 3 credits
    • CTE/Fine Arts: 1 credit
    • PE/Health: 0.5 credit/0.5 credit
    • Electives: 12 credits

A minimum of 28 credits and a completed ECAP career portfolio are required for graduation.

The following credit system determines grade status:

    • Freshmen 0-6 credits
    • Sophomore 7-13 credits
    • Junior 14-19 credits
    • Senior 20-28 credits

The GAHS master schedule is aligned to meet graduation requirements within four school years.

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We Perceive Every Child As Our Very Own.

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