Registration and Immunizations

Registration and Immunizations

If you are interested in attending Greyhills Academy High School, please complete an enrollment packet, as well as meet with the assistant principal, principal, or another designated representative. You can stop by our office for an enrollment packet or give us a call, and we will mail one to you.

Please be aware that we may deny student enrollment for the following reasons:

  • parent or legal guardian not present for enrollment
  • over ten unexcused attendances during current semester from our school or if transferring, from their previous school
  • behind in high school credits by four or more credits based on initial enrollment for high school (may be placed in Structured Alternative for Education (SAFE)
  • unresolved discipline issues (suspensions and long term suspension hearings) from transferring school (may be accepted and student placed on zero tolerance behavioral contracts and/or placed in Long Term Education and Resource Network (LEARN)). Expelled students from other schools must obtain school board approval for enrollment acceptance.


For any questions please contact:

Ms. Elavina Begay | Registrar
(928) 401-0737

Ms. Odessa Reeves | 10th & 11th Grade Counselor
(520) 610-9707

Mrs. Eugenia Sloan | 9th & 12th Grade Counselor
(928) 606-6184

Mr. Kyle Blackrock | Technology
(928) 225-9865


We require transferring students to follow the Navajo Nation waiver policy. Incoming or transferring students need to provide and complete the following documents before we will consider enrollment:

  • official release/withdrawal grades (transfers)
  • transcript from previous school
  • immunization record
  • state assessment scores (AIMS & Terra Nova)
  • birth certificate
  • certificate of Indian blood
  • social security card
  • 8th grade certificate and/or report card (new freshmen)
  • family income (for lunch application)
  • legal guardianship (if applicable)

If you are interested in having your child live here on campus in our dormitories, there is a separate application for our residential program. You can pick up an application from our office, or we can mail one to you.


Immunization Requirements

Our school follows the immunization policy mandated by the Sate of Arizona. Students must be up-to-date on their immunizations in order to attend school. When you come to register your child, we will ask to see proof of your child’s immunizations. We will not allow children without immunizations to be in school until all immunizations are up-to-date.

To see a complete list of the immunization requirements, or to visit the Arizona Department of Health (ADH) website, visit our links on our Helpful Links page.

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