What is your attendance policy?

Any time your student is absent for any reason, you may clear the absence by writing a note and having your student turn it in to the attendance office. Written notes must have the following information:

  • student’s full name and grade
  • date(s) of absences(s)
  • reason for the absences(s)
  • parent or guardian’s signature
  • home and/or work telephone number or address

A parent or guardian may also call the school to indicate the reason for student absence. Please call 928-283-6271 ext. 123.

What is the grading system?

The official grading system at the high school will be alphabetical, based on the 4.0 system now used by Arizona colleges and universities. We will give honor courses a weighted grade.

We assign grades in the following manner:

A = Exceptional Work           
B = Better than Average
C = Average Work               
D = Poor Quality Work, Below Standard
F = Failing Work, Carries No Credit       
I = * Incomplete
NC = * No Credit – Excessive Absences   
P/F = Pass/Fail Only for Student Aides & Study Hall

* We will automatically change all incompletes to an “F” (failing grade) after 2 weeks.
** Students who have over 9 absences will not receive a passing grade.

Are cell phones and iPods allowed in school?

Greyhills Academy High School forbids pagers, cellular telephones, and other such electronic devices during school hours or at school-sponsored events. If students bring any of these devices, we may consider them for SAFE or SOS. If we find students using these electronics during school hours, we will take them from the student and return them only to a parent or guardian. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen devices.

Can my child ride a bike or skateboard to school?

We prohibit the use of skateboards, roller blades, bicycles, or similar devices at all times on the facilities of Greyhills Academy High School. Students may receive detention or Structured Alternative for Education (SAFE) for violation of this policy.

Can my child bring a guest to school?

We do not allow guests to attend class with Greyhills students. However, enrolled students may bring a guest to a dance or extracurricular activity. If a student would like to bring a guest, he or she must obtain a Guest Card from the attendance office. The principal will sign this card. Additionally the guest must submit a permission slip from his/her home school before we will issue the Guest Card. Contact the front office for more details.

Is my child permitted to drive to school?

Any student who is a registered student with Greyhills Academy High School and brings his or her own vehicle to school must register the vehicle with the School Security office. Students must obtain a parking permit, have a Valid Driver’s License, and have proof of auto insurance upon registering the vehicle. After the registration process is complete, we will issue a parking sticker that will need to be visibly placed on the inside of the vehicle’s windshield. Not under any circumstances, will we accept any student with a Learner’s Permit. We will need to see an official State Driver’s License, with the age showing 16 and 7 months or older.

What is your medication policy?

We do not allow students to carry medication with them at any time. Please bring all medications, including over-the-counter medications, to the school nurse. You may also contact her at 520-283-6271 ext. 137.

When are parent/teacher conferences?

We hold conferences twice each year, once in October and again in March. In addition to these meetings, we issue progress reports each six weeks and report cards each nine weeks. We encourage parents to attend the conferences, but if you have a question or concern before these times, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is CTE?

CTE stands for “Career and Technical Education.” During their freshman year, students will explore their future desires, whether to pursue college or pursue technical education. We are proud to offer many great career paths in our technical education department, including automotive, welding, culinary arts, business, construction technology, drafting, and hospitality management.

What does the Greyhills library have to offer?

The mission of the library is to provide a variety of print and non-print materials that promote reading for enjoyment, multiple viewpoints to encourage intellectual, cultural, social, and ethical development of students, faculty, and staff.

The Greyhills library has a collection of over 16,000 items. Students are encouraged to read for enjoyment and can access a number of items such as popular fiction, manga, non-fiction, magazines, newspapers, and online resources. They may also participate in Book Club and find great reads on the Library Page.

The general hours of the library are 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and  it is usually open during lunchtime.

The Library Media Specialist, who holds a Masters in Library Science, manages the library and promotes collaboration and inquiry based research.


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