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Welcome Potential Resident to our
Greyhills Academy Residence Life Program

Greyhills Academy High School Residential Hall continues a 5 day program and provides services from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon.

Staff here at Greyhills Academy High School, have seen many of the students go through different trials with mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. The residential dorm is a place of stability for students and a safe haven to let them be themselves. Greyhills Academy High School staff help accommodate the students in whatever way we can to help them succeed in their education, and some of these accommodations extend to helping the students at a traditional and cultural level as well.

Residential Student Services:

Our educational support is in accordance with school policy and educational recommendations presented by our teaching departments.  Tutorial services are offered by certified teaching staff and provided for student daily.

The Student Services Department provides routine dormitory operations and after-school curriculum of life skills, along with cultural and alternative activities, with additional support through 21st century afterschool enrichment program. Residential staff will provide group and individual support interventions in each dorm. Students determined to be in need of behavioral or emotional counseling will have those specific services made available by referral process.

Other services available to GAHS residential students

  • Well balanced menus with food services
  • Fitness activities (SPARK/ 2021)
  • Recreation activities, (New Recreation format 2021)
  • Support Counseling intervention
  • Home interventions
  • Dine’ Cultural Enrichment
  • Family Loss/grief intervention
  • Peer Relationship development
  • Pregnancy/Relationship prevention, (Native Stand)
  • Anger Management groups
  • Time management education
  • Substance abuse prevention
  • New student transition groups
  • Talking circles /traditional
  • Off Campus Activities/Field trips
  • Dorm student Advisory council Incentive Rewards Academic
  • Tutoring
  • Socials events
  • Peer counseling, ( Safe Talk)

Contact Our Department

  • Roger Trujillo | Student Services Director

  • Jeremy Yazzie | Homeliving Manager

  • Arnold Betoney | Residential Counselor

  • Gwendolyn Bennett | Homeliving Assistant

  • Rolonda Farrell | Homeliving Assistant

  • Freida Robbins | Homeliving Assistant

  • Zelda Tahy | Homeliving Assistant

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We Perceive Every Child As Our Very Own.

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